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Leads a fair and innovative justice system, ensures effective policing and supports victims of crime.

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Justice and Solicitor General Annual Report
(June 29, 2016)

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Easing pressure on Alberta’s justice system
An Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial
Offences takes effect on May 1, freeing up the
time of police officers and court staff by
eliminating the use of warrants to enforce
tickets and overdue fines for minor,
non-traffic-related infractions... [read more]

Federal cannabis legislation
"While the federal government has made the
decision to legalize, many important decisions
will be left to the province. These decisions
include where cannabis can be sold and where
it can be consumed." ... [read more]
- Minister Kathleen Ganley

New Red Deer justice centre
A new justice centre with 12 courtrooms and
space for dispute resolution services will be built
to serve Red Deer and central Alberta
residents ... [read more]

Federal government appoints new judges
"I am thrilled that Alberta is receiving four new
appointments to the Court of Queen's Bench
immediately, plus funding for 12 additional
judges..." [read more]
- Minister Kathleen Ganley