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Roles and responsibilities

The following information is intended to provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the courts in Alberta. Detailed information about the courts, including notices, hearing lists, court calendar, publications and access to a searchable database of Alberta judgments may be found at the Alberta Courts website.

There are three branches of government – the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judiciary. The judiciary is an independent branch of government which presides over the courts. Judges interpret the law, determine facts and render decisions in a fair and impartial manner, thereby ensuring the rule of law – the cornerstone of a free and democratic society.

There are three courts in Alberta administered by the province: The Court of Appeal of Alberta, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta and the Provincial Court of Alberta. There are also other courts which administer laws in Alberta, including the Federal Court of Canada, Trial and Appeal Divisions. There are also a number of boards and tribunals in Alberta, decisions of which may be appealed to the courts.

Topics in this section

Chart of courts in Alberta
Visual description of the three courts in Alberta. 

Court Case Management Program
Effective case management in Adult Provincial Court.

Court decisions
Access to the Alberta Courts' searchable database of judgments.

Resolution and Court Administration Services
About the administrative support delivered to all courts in the province.

Witness information
Publication about being a witness in the courts of Alberta.
Apply to be a provincial judge 
Learn about the application process to become a Provincial Court judge. 

Judicial Compensation Commission
Information on the role and function of the commission.

Justices of the Peace Compensation Commission
Information on the role and function of the commission.

Judicial complaints
How to make a complaint about the conduct of a Provincial Court judge or a justice of the peace. 

Administrative Tribunals
Court Martial Appeal Court
Court of Appeal of Alberta
Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta
Federal Court of Canada
Military Courts
Provincial Court of Alberta
Resolution and Court Administration Services
Supreme Court of Canada
Tax Court of Canada

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