Fatality inquiry reports

The presiding judge provides the Minister with a written report, which is posted publicly, after an inquiry is complete.

This report:

  • identifies the deceased
  • outlines the date, time, place and circumstances of death
  • may recommend how to prevent similar incidents
  • cannot make any findings of legal responsibility

Responses to public fatality inquiry recommendations

As of August 1, 2018: Responses to Fatality Inquiry Recommendations

In June of 2017, the Alberta government started a tracking system for responses to fatality inquiry recommendations.

This helps:

  • improve accountability
  • provide transparency
  • prevent similar deaths from happening

The tracking system records - for each fatality inquiry - the following:

  • deceased's name
  • cause and manner of death
  • inquiry recommendations
  • persons and organizations asked to respond to the recommendations
  • those persons’ and organizations’ responses – if any – to the recommendations

Reports by category

Correctional facilities
Mental health patients
Peace officer-related
Child guardianship

 2018 reports


 Learn more

     For more information, contact:

     Jennifer Fuchinsky
     Fatality Inquiry Coordinator
     780-310-0000 (toll-free in Alberta)