Public Sector Compensation Transparency

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act and Public Sector Compensation Transparency General Regulation increase transparency by requiring the disclosure of compensation paid to a wide variety of public sector employees, appointees and others.

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Disclosure obligations

Public sector bodies are now required to post online the names and compensation paid to:

  • all board members
  • employees who earn over $125,000

This public disclosure requirement applies in general to agencies, boards and commissions governed by the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act.

Public agencies began publicly posting this information on June 23, 2016, and it can be found here.

Public sector bodies may wish to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment and an Access Impact Assessment, which would ensure compliance with both the PSCTA and the FOIP Act.

While public sector bodies are not legally required to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment or an Access Impact Assessment, the Information and Privacy Commissioner advises public sector bodies to complete both of these assessments before preparing to disclose compensation information.

Public sector bodies

To help prepare and publish compensation information, use these resources:

Technical Guide for Public Sector Bodies - 412 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Alberta Compensation Transparency Toolkit
Assigned officials in government departments - 51 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Questions and answers - 223 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Disclosure checklist - 140 KB  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta must disclose the remuneration of employees who earn a base salary of more than $104,754.

The threshold is higher for employees of public sector bodies than for employees of the Government of Alberta as it includes overtime and other income. The threshold for government employees includes only base salary or severance.